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Creating worlds since 1996

When I was young, I learned a very difficult lesson: the world is cruel and people will always take advantage of each other. As I've grown older, however, I've seen something else: people supporting each other and speaking out against the people who take advantage of others. I write, and I draw, and I create for two reasons: first, to encourage those who speak out to keep doing so, and to give those people a place to rest their mind and voice when they need it.

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Personal Update 11/13/2017

I had a very rough birthday (yes it was my 21st, no there was no alcohol involved but I kind of ended up wanting some to say the least) and will not be able to get a chapter out this week. Updates will resume next week.


Business Update 11/15/2017

I am currently working on adding advertisements to my website. Unfortunately this is necessary, as I need some way to bring in money and I don't want to pressure people to go to my patreon if they don't have the money either. I'm still deciding how I want to do it, and Wix is not being super helpful. So that may mean I'll be switching platforms, but we'll see.

About the Author

Kerriganne (Also known as Nicola Janie) is a 21-year-old writer who has been interested in writing and building fantasy worlds since she was a child. She is a student at Beloit College in Wisconsin, studying creative writing officially and learning computer programming and art in her spare time. She is also a gamer; you may recognize her internet handle if you play MMORPGs. She enjoys writing, drawing, and gaming, of course, but also enjoys sewing, cooking, playing with cats, and learning about the daily lives of average people in ancient times and how they survived.


Her world views have been shaped by her experiences as a lesbian with mental illnesses and chronic pain, as well as her experience with trauma at a young age. She was never much for romance stories until she figured out that she likes girls and not men- they always felt like they were behind a wall that she couldn't climb over until she found a fanfiction that featured two girls in a relationship with each other. At least 8 years of internalized (and, sadly, often external) homophobia and self-hatred later, she came to peace with her identity enough to come out of the closet. She is also receiving treatment for her mental illnesses, which is allowing her to succeed and be motivated to do the things she enjoys. (Her chronic pain problems are undiagnosed at the moment, but she's working on figuring that out.)

She feels that she owes a lot of thanks to her mother and father, who are supportive of her in everything she does and is, and also to her first cat, Luna, who came into her life when she was around 6 years old and has been in it since. Seriously, that cat even knows the signs that she is dissociating and knows how to pull her out of it. He deserves all of the cuddles and wet food he's getting in his old age.




Both writing and art commissions are closed for the foreseeable future. I have not taken a commission ever and though I have considered doing it before, at the moment, I would rather focus my energy in other places than commissions. I am not leaving this closed forever, however.


Latest Art

That's it for now, but I'll update as I create!

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